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A logo is an incredibly important aspect of your branding – it is a symbol designed to represent your business to the general public and potential customers.

Each large organisation across the globe portrays a logo, from Starbucks and their green and white lady to McDonalds with their “M”. This is because they want to ingrain their business in your brain, they want you to immediately see their logo and think of the product or service they are selling. When you’re rushing from a meeting, parched – Starbucks want their logo to pop into your mind as the solution to quench your thirst. They want you to associate their logo with the answer to your problem.

Nevertheless, the importance of a logo doesn’t hinge on recognition. It starts and and ends with trust. A business with a well designed logo immediately looks as if they have it together. We all know its an essential part of branding, but whats even more essential is that it’s not designed on Paint or Microsoft Word. A logo is an extension of your business, so it should be in alignment with the quality of the product of service that you are providing. A polished, professional logo implemented by a designer will prove to consumers and potential customers that you are capable of doing what you say you will. Putting no thought into the aesthetics of the logo will prove to the general public that you don’t care about making your business appealing to them- and thats the last thing you need.

So, if you’re in the process of starting your business, rebranding or jus think your logo could do with a tweak – get in touch. Please bring along any ideas you have and we’ll be happy to work with you until we’ve created a design you love. A logo doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be polished and memorable – after all, it’s the face of your business.

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